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What is Paul and Grace Holdings, LLC

What is Paul & Grace Holdings, LLC? It is a tribute to the legacies of the Oyelola, Morgan, and Horton families. It is about the perseverance and love that our African-American families instilled in us (Toks, John, and Tony) to then provide a foundation that exudes hard-work, commitment, dedication, and entrepreneurialism that can then be given to our 8 children to own in the future. It is recognizing the core values of our three families in terms of “Black Excellence” that have been passed down to every member within each family. The bond between Toks, John, and Tony is extremely close because of these core values. It is because of the impression that our Parents (John A. Morgan II and Mary K. Morgan, Anthony J. Horton and Patricia A. Horton, Paul D. Oyelola and Grace M. Oyelola) and in particular our Grandparents (Merdine Boyd and John A. Morgan Sr. and Ronald and Betty Rutherford, Samuel and Bernice Conway and Frazier & Irene Horton) had on all of us which undoubtedly paved the way for all of us to be successful. Our company Paul & Grace is about recognizing those who are here with us still but absolutely about those that are with us in spirit. Their dreams were to own a piece of the “American Dream” and position their families to reside and succeed at the next level. The three families sacrificed a lot including their own personal dreams so that Toks, John, and Tony and their siblings could carry out their own dreams.  The three of us work hard every day to become better husbands and fathers and we are so fortunate to be able to look to our grandparent’s legacy and our parent’s legacy whether here or gone, as great role models for serving as guides as we move forward and now build our own families.  You see, without them, how would we truly know what family is or means.

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